Saving Hawaiian Vacations One at a Time

Nalu Koa’s Kool Ocean Gel has saved countless Hawaiian vacations—when sunburn happens you need quick, soothing relief that works! Read the following testimonials of our customers below. Also, learn more in our brochure.

Thank you for the amazing natural skincare products you make

We have been using the soap and moisturizer for many years, love love it . So, this July when in Maui my fair skin husband got a bad sunburn , we bought Cooling gel to help him with the burn and to help stop him from peeling, Worked great he had the best tan of his life and didn’t peel.!! Then in August I got stung by a wasp , I am severely allergic to wasps , after epi-pen , , and hospital visit, the pain where I was bit was still extremely difficult to bare. I texted Stephanie and ask which of their products would help me, she suggested the cooling gel, it helped immediately, it totally relieved my pain. I am really grateful to both of you for making such great skincare products and caring about your customers . Mahalo

Connie Noel

Love your sun protection

I bought the sun protection gel! As you say you saved my skin and vacation. Yesterday I was out and with the wind didn’t feel the sunburn happening! Thank goodness I had the gel in the fridge!!!! You saved me from peeling and worse pain I’m sure! Aloha

Leyla Gonzalez

Kool Ocean Gel heals my abused T1D sites!!!

I am a Type 1 diabetic and use both a tubeless insulin pumping system and a continuous glucose monitor. That means medical grade adhesive and lots of injection sites. Unfortunately I also have very sensitive skin and I’m super slow to heal any injury – from minor skin irritation to infected punctures. I was getting desperate for relief to my very abused abdomen and upper arms. My mom, recently home from a trip to Hawaii, suggested I try a product she’d brought home with her.

I was a bit skeptical at first, both due to my sensitivity to ingredients (even all-natural ones) and because antibiotics weren’t even helping. I decided I had nothing to lose and gave it a try. The relief was almost immediate! It instantly soothed the ripped skin and reduced redness and irritation. After using it for a few days the punctures had began healing more quickly and cleanly. I can even apply it to my face and lips without any negative reactions! (Don’t even get me started on how amazing that is to me.)

I’m an aesthetician and have tried a lot of products, always conscious of the ingredients they contain. The Kool Ocean Gel has amazing ingredients, a wonderful feel that absorbs quickly and REALLY works. It’s making a big difference for me, which allows me to use the medical equipment that make my life as a T1D easier and healthier.

I recommend this product for everything from a burn, to skin irritations, and areas that have minor damage (from something like my issue to skinned knees). This product is amazing!!!

MacKenzie Allyn

Thanks so much for the research, time, effort and creativity you devoted to this formula

We were lucky enough to discover Nalu Koa and their Kool Gel product at the Maui Swap Meet during our Fall 2015 trip. It was formulated to help Maui visitors with the all too common problem of severe sunburns, and it works great for that. We ended up trying it on a large spider bite on my calf which I received a month before our trip to the islands. The wound was about the size of a quarter, angry, red with the texture of sandpaper and very slow to heal. After trying a number of products plus medicated salve from MD, it was still there and not changing, no healing at all. After only 3 nights of applying Kool Gel, it became smaller, down to dime size and lighter, faded to pink tones — so finally disappearing and the skin at the former wound site felt smooth again. Wow!!! Thanks so much for the research, time, effort and creativity you devoted to this formula.


We keep a jar of Kool Ocean Gel in our refrigerator for the usual burns, scrapes and such

Aloha from snowy and frigid Indiana!! It was great to see both of you at the Maui Swap Meet again during our visit in January. As I told you then, we keep a jar of Kool Ocean Gel in our refrigerator for the usual burns, scrapes and such. However, I was not ready for a near catastrophic burn that I received to my forearm. Last Fall I needed to burn some debris from our woods that was too wet to ignite. I mixed a rather volatile mixture, when not contained in a vessel, burns very hot and will dry and ignite almost any wet piece of wood. The day was very humid with a slight breeze. I poured the mixture over the pile of debris, saving some to form a trough for the purpose of filling it with mixture and lighting and lighting it to remain a safe distance from the pile if debris. Just as I lit the mixture the breeze died, the mixture formed a cloud which detonated in a white=hot flash-over. My outreached left arm suffered the worst burns; I ran inside, ran cold water over the arm then grabbed the jar of Kool Ocean Gel and slathered the Gel over the length of the underside of the arm. The cold Kool Ocean Gel Immediately stopped the burn process. I kept adding layers of Gel then applied a gauze wrap. I kept changing the wrap and Gel application for two days until I was able to see my doctor. Thanks to the Gel the doctor said that it had minimized the amount of damage to the skin and its’ soothing action prevented serious pain from the 3rd degree burns (in fact, instead of 2nd degree burns, it limited those to severe 1st degree which healed quicker without any open wounds of 2nd degree blistering). The doctor gave me prescription topical medication for the 3rd degree burns. I can say, without a doubt that your Kool Ocean Gel certainly saved me from a very painful and potentially long healing process from a very severe burn. All the hair on my face and arms grew back and the overall look that I had been paddle-boarding along the Maui coast, faded within 2 weeks and I only have two scars from the 3rd degree burns. MAHALO, Gary and Stephanie for your wonderful products!!!

Rex Becker

This is the most awesome product for sunburns

I was burned my first day in Maui. This product help relieve the pain, help the burn heal quicker than any aloe product out there and the service was awesome! Gary even met me when I needed to get more. The product is wonderful and the customer service is even better. If you have a burn this is the product to get. It’s awesome!

Shane Gorrell

I bought this gel last April

while I was in Maui. I used it and liked it a lot. My son, who burns easily has used the rest of it. He loves it and swears it works better than anything else he has ever used. Time to order more.

Joyce Madison

One of a Kind Lather and Gentle Exfoliation

Nalu Koa’s Natural Sea Sponge Bar Soap is a Maui treasure. The first of it’s kind in Hawaii, once you’ve pampered your skin with this 2-in-1 cleansing bar, you’ll never go back! Don’t take our word for it, though. Hear what our customers say below.

Your sea sponge bar soap has literally changed my life

I recently was in Hawaii and met you and your products at The Westin Hotel on Maui at the end of March. Your sea sponge bar soap has literally changed my life. It’s amazing and does an excellent job at exfoliating skin and is easy on the face. What a terrific product, honestly! We also use your ocean gel after sun product and love it!

Bryan Nye

I love the idea of soap and sponge together and lots of suds

Sunblock is organic and application is easy. love the sponge!! thank you

Debbie Holsenbeck

Works wonders for your skin!

The soap with the sponge is so gentle but still exfoliates. The moisturizer never leaves your skin oily. My skin glows and my pores have shrunk. All the promises given by expensive brand items. I have given up purchasing years of expensive department store brands. Nalu Koa does what it’s supposed to do.

Gloria Lawler

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  1. michelle.fraslin says:

    We visited Hawaii in August 2023 and learned about the Kool Ocean Gel while at the swap meet. I overheard him talking about cancer patients using it during radiation. I had just finished my chemo and my trip to Hawaii was to celebrate this milestone. I am now in week 2 of radiation and I use the gel right after radiation and again in the evening like suggested by my Dr. My Dr by the way took a look at the ingrediants and approved it without hesitation, he even put some on and loved the fragrance and that it isn’t sticky! I must say so far it has worked amazingly. I have no Burns from the radiation, it has made my skin feel really good and I love the cooling effect. I look forward to leaving another review mid-december once I have completed all my radiation and I will tell you if it continues to help the way that it has so far! God bless you and thank you for the recommendation!

    • Nalu Koa says:

      Mahalo for the wonderful feedback concerning our Kool Ocean Gel. We are so glad it is helping you!! We have heard from nurses and patients with the same positive effects. Our wish for you is for continued healing. Mahalo Nui and a Hui Ho.

  2. Laura says:

    Nalu Koa saved my skin! I met Gary and Stephanie on Maui in January. They recommended some products for me, and I haven’t used any other skin products since! I’m a huge fan of the kool ocean gel, as it CURED an allergic rash I had. It was also great on my suntanned skin. I began using the natural sea sponge soap shortly after my rash resolved and it has truly changed my skin. It is soft and supple now! I also use the hydrating lotion to complete my skin regimen. My entire body has transformed, pores are smaller, skin is hydrated and lush. I can’t thank these guys enough! I just made my first online order and it included products for my mom and best friend! I plan on spreading the word about these amazing products.
    Thank you for saving me and my skin during my vacation, if not for you I would have spent my days on Maui being miserable!
    God Bless!
    Laura Jean Walker

  3. Denise says:

    I do interior painting for a living and I was in a clients house and was painting in the bathroom and had to ask her where that wonderful fragrance was coming from and she showed me the soap she had bought in hawaii and I feel in love with tuberose fragrance! I will be buying lots more..thank you for your wonderful products!
    Denise from Hawley MN

  4. Carmelita says:

    P.S. Wish I would have gotten a picture with you two!!! NEXT TIME!!! Oh yes, and Stephanie was kind enough to let me pick out a lip-smacking lip balm that is AWESOME!!! I chose Banana Pineapple:YUH-MEEEEEEE!!!!

  5. Carmelita says:

    Aloha from White City, Saskatchewan, CANADA!!! Just wanted to send a shout out to Stephanie and Gary for saving my burned butt while vacationing in BEAUTIFUL MAUI with the hubs for our 5th wedding anniversary!!! I was SOOOO badly burned and Stephanie was nice enough to be honest with me and let me use as much of her Kool Ocean gel sample as I wanted because I got such a bad sunburn!! I think I died and went to heaven that day because I am now addicted to their products!! I bought the:

    Kool Ocean Gel

    Natural Sea Sponge Bath Soap Bar in Plumeria (LOOOOOVE IT, use it EVERY NIGHT!!!)

    Tropical Hydration Plus Creams in Papaya Coco Mango and Orchid Rainforest (Use one or the other EVERY NIGHT and DAY!!!)

    I AM IN LOVE!!! Everything smells UH-MAZING, and my skin feels so soft and smooth and NOT greasy!!! Good thing the hubs was there because I would have probably bought one of each thing for all my female friends and relatives, lol!! I’m not even kidding!!! Once my soap is done (probably before that) I will be ordering more!!! Especially to give as gifts!! I want to share Nalu Koa with the WORLD!!!

    Thank you so much and I hope I run into you two AWESOME souls again one day!!!

    Love, peace, good health and wealth to the both of you!!

    Carmen Nadler

  6. Marie says:

    The gel relieved the sunburn pain. Healed up a rash. Stopped me from peeling. Great product. Well worth it. Will order again when empty.
    Great customer service.

    Marie and Joe Aromas , CA

  7. Anne says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products! I just placed an order for the Kool Gel (and some other products). I had purchased my first jar last October, and I keep it in the fridge. I used it last night for a sunburn I got yesterday, and my skin was almost immediately relieved. Today, very little signs of burn! EVERYONE should have this magical gel handy! It’s perfect for any burns or skin irritations. I have NEVER found a more effective burn solution! Mahalo, Gary and Stephanie!! You build Aloha into all your products.

  8. Lorri says:

    Amazing product and customer service. Had bought kool gel at the swap meet. Worked wonderfully to soothe the skin. Family member had a severe sunburn and we needed more. Contacted the website and they graciously agreed to meet us to deliver more product. We were so thankful. The gel works so well. We had also bought soap when we first arrived and it leaves our skin so soft. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase these products. Enjoy!!

    Thank you again for the special delivery!! Take care!!

    Lorri from Calgary, Alberta.

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